OUTER LIMITS Treksmart 3 Season Sleeping Bag
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OUTER LIMITS Treksmart 3 Season Sleeping Bag


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The Treksmart Season Sleeping Bag range is specifically designed to keep you warm even in extreme weather conditions, with a variety of different ratings to suit your environment. The Treksmart 3 Season has a minimum temperature rating of -10°C and is best suited for colder climates.

At a minimum temperature rating of -10°C, the Treksmart 3 Season is perfectly suited for most chilly to colder climates. The Treksmart 3 Season can easily keep you warm from the chilly autumn nights through to the cold Australian winter. 

The full mummy style design of the Treksmart 3 Season is guaranteed to be a snug, comfortable fit every time, with the added benefit of reduced pack weight. The snug fit of the Treksmart 3 Season aids in the circulation and retainment of heat close to the skin. The Treksmart 3 Season is specially sewn to securely hold the insulation fill in place, ensuring an even distribution of heat and a comfortable sleep. An insulated neck collar and a fully contoured cocoon hood protect the head, neck and ears from the cold, and additionally provides added comfort.

You don't have to worry about a fiddly, problematic zip with the Treksmart 3 Season. Due to piped zipper guards, the Treksmart 3 Season is completely snag free. The zip is also a fully adjustable auto lock, meaning it can be locked in any place of your desire. Heat loss through the zipper teeth is cleverly prevented through an integrated draft tube. A convenient velcro closure at the top of the Treksmart 3 Season zipper also allows you to close the sleeping bag without zipping it up fully. 

The Treksmart 3 Season comes with a small compression bag with quick release buckles for easy and quick access.

Rating: Comfort -5°C, Extreme -10°C

Zippered: 57/80 x 220 cm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Filling: ExoTherm XT

Outer: 290T Polyester

Inner: SilTek


Price: $119.00
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