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COBRA Walking Dead - Michonne's Katana
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COBRA Walking Dead - Michonne's Katana

COBRA Walking Dead - Michonne's Katana

COBRA Walking Dead - Michonne's Katana

Condition: NEW
The Katana is mainly used by Michonne as it is her signature weapon. The Katana is effective in cutting up and chopping off parts of a zombie. Though it is instantly recognizable as Michonne's signature weapon for defending herself and threats to her group.

While the actual series isn't all that clear as to how and why Michonne ended up using a Katana to cut swathes through the hordes of zombies, the comic series explains that she took it from her neighbors house early on in the outbreak, for her neighbors teenage son was a sword collector..

Like the original, the replica comes with a back mounted sling and differs slightly from the original in that instead of a white eel skin wrap (which would be prohibitively expensive, but was chosen because it does not easily absorb gore, blood, dirt,grease, etc), it has white leather over the sheath and the handle.

And like the original Walking Dead Sword, this blade is made from carbon steel and has no hamon temper line. 

Blade 70cm - 1065 carbon steel with live blade.
Silver finish cast metal tsuba and pommel with Celtic style symbols.
Brown leather wrapped wooden scabbard with white leather over wrap and adjustable brown leather shoulder strap.

Please note that "SWORDS" are a prohibited weapon in the state of Victoria.  Therefore any sale to be shipped or collected from an address within the state of Victoria will require evidence that the purchaser hold a current exemption from the "Control of Weapons Act" for swords or is an exempt class of person with respect to the Act.

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