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EK ARCHERY Crossbow Crank - Ballistics - Accelerator 410 - 390 - Hex
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EK ARCHERY Crossbow Crank - Ballistics - Accelerator 410 - 390 - Hex

Condition: NEW
This crank has been designed to facilitate the arming of your crossbow. This is ideal if your arm is aching or you do not want to force it with the manual band.

Read the user manual below and look at the pictures.

Crank handle compatible with "Buttstock" butts on EK Archery Ballistic 390, Ballistic 410, Accelerator 390 and Accelerator 410 crossbows

Weight of the crank: 570 grams
Kit Contents:

- 1 arming crank with its detachable handle
User Manual :

1) Secure the crank on the stock using the rail provided.
2) Press the aluminum lever to release the ratchet
3) Shoot the hooks to go catch the rope, passing from below the crossbow
4) Pass the middle of the rope through the chute located at the back of the handle (this reduces the force required for arming)
5) Check that the cable of the crank passes well on the crossbow
6) Install crank handle and turn until rope is secure and safety locks in (turns green)
7) To release the rope of the hooks it is necessary to press a little on the crank to be able to press on the aluminum lever which will release the ratchet
8) You can remove the hooks and use your crossbow

WARNING !!! : Do not forget step 4 above. If you do not run the cable from the crank through the chute as in the photos you may break the cable of your crank.
Price: $199.00
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