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VICTORINOX Stainless Steel Replacement Pin
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VICTORINOX Stainless Steel Replacement Pin

Condition: NEW
For a multitude use that requires the niche of a straight, small-sized pin, Victorinox Stainless Steel Pin Spare Part (A.3645) serves as a supplement to open gadgetry that does not fit the combination tool of reamer, punch and sewing awl. Examples of those broaden to the use of compartment opening for a battery replacement, hard reset of devices like a watch, or a network router, and even aiding in the troubleshooting steps of removing the SIM Card.

Though easily lost, and most often do, the straight pin can be conveniently substituted. Victorinox Stainless Steel Pin is to be found in a small hole located at the back scale of your Swiss Army Knife. The rear scale features a corkscrew, or a Philips Screwdriver that upon closure, shall seal the straight pin securely preventing it from falling out upon travel.

The straight pin is compatible with all 84mm and 91mm Original Series of Victorinox Multi-Tool, as well as the SwissCard series featuring a pin hole. Below are the few Victorinox pocket knife models that upon purchase, does come with the Stainless Steel Pin:

Large-Sized 91mm 'Original' Series
1.   Compact 
2.   Huntsman Lite 
3.   Traveller
4.   Traveller Lite 
5.   CyberTool S 
6.   CyberTool M
7.   CyberTool L 
8.   CyberTool Lite 
9.   SwissChamp
10.   SwissChamp XLT 
11.   SwissChamp XAVT

SwissCard Models
1.   SwissCard Classic 
2.   SwissCard Lite 
3.   SwissCard NailCare

Fun Fact And Trivia
With the exception of the above Swiss Army Knives that comes with an included Victorinox Stainless Steel Pin, most 84mm and 91mm models (featuring a corkscrew or philips screwdriver in the back scale) made from 2005 until the present day features a 'secret' pin hole that was not advertised by Victorinox. The models featuring the pin hole does not come with the Straight Pin, however saying, it may be fitted with one.
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