OUTBOUND Bamboo Socks
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OUTBOUND Bamboo Socks


Pair of socks made for all occasion to home uses, adventures and outdoor activities.

These are not your ordinary socks, the sort of pair that’s design to separate the normal pair to good quality standards introducing the bamboo socks. Blend of bamboo fibres, one of nature finest fibres combined with nylon, grants a natural sensation against your skin while the nylon improves durability and moisture from your feet. This allow ventilation to pass through your feet preventing built up sweat or odour to occur, while staying dry and comfortable on your feet day in and out. The Bamboo is recognise for its support and comfort is well recommended for everyday use around the house hold, adventurous hiking or work purpose, where you go this pair will definitely won’t disappoint.

  • Bamboo Fibres/Nylon
  • Prevents sweat and odour
  • Comfortable and durable
Price: $11.95
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Stock Availability
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