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COMMANDO Military Map Compass 6400
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COMMANDO Military Map Compass 6400


Comes with Lanard Cord

Millimetre Ruler, Centimetre Ruler, Inch Romer scales,

Large Magnifying glass, Luminous needle tip, Swinging dial and Direction markers.

The radian, is used mainly by militaries in artillery, tank, and mortar gunnery. 
There are 2 PI radians in a circle. PI is a constant of approximately 3.1416. That is 2 * 3.1416, or 6.283 radians. Divide each radian into 1000 mil-radians and you see there are 6283 mil-radians in a circle. Mil-radians are called mils for short.
17.78 mils equal 1 degree.

Compass use of mils typically rounds 6283 to 6400 for simplification.

Using mils, the actual size of an object observed in the field can be estimated. An object that appears to be n mils wide when it is 1000 units away from you, is actually n units wide - the units used does not matter, feet, yards, meters, miles 
A vehicle that appears to be 15 mils long and is 1000 feet distant is actually 15 feet long. Or, two vehicles that appear to be 100 mils apart and are 1000 meters away, are actually 100 meters apart. 
Conversely, if you know the size of an object, you can estimate its distance from you. If the tops of two mountains are 1km apart on your map, but they appear to be 100 mils apart, you must be 10 Kilometers away.
Sighting on a man (approximately 6 feet tall) who appears to be 12 mils tall must be about 500 feet away. If he seemed 3 mils tall, he'd be 2000 feet away.

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